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Texas is huge and varied—with more than 30,000 years of immigrant history—and remains one of the remarkable crossroads of the world. Here are individuals, families, and settlements representing every major cultural, geographic, ethnic, and political group in the world...and nearly all smaller groups as well.

Change has always been a part of Texan cultures. Groups have blended with others, leaving hardly a trace; others maintain a strong identity. All groups are immigrants, and the group arriving today changes, or is changed by, other arrivals. This process has created understanding, tolerance, and enjoyment as well as occasional misunderstanding, unease, and outright hate. Some cultural traits have been honored among all peoples; some customs have been insulted and destroyed.

In all years in settlements large and small, individuals and families, freedmen and slaves, legal and illegal arrivals came to make a new home. Texas attracted investors and cattle raisers, miners and lumbermen, cotton growers and stonemasons, homemakers and teachers, criminals and ministers...women and men in every category. And they came from everywhere in the world.

In Texas this complex settlement history bloomed with heroism, sacrifice, creativity, and excitement. It is laced with a fair supply of wild stories and extremes; treasures and ghosts; brutality and kindness; failure and success.

"Texans keep learning and striving to make themselves and their world just a little bit better."